How to keep the romance alive with your brand

One of the biggest challenges brands face is how to get people to fall in love with them—and stay in love with them. Well, Margi Tooth of Trupanion and Ryan Webb of Equimedia shared their opinions on this very topic the morning of Day 1 at the Seattle Interactive Conference. That’s why they posed the question, “How can we get everyone to love us, when everyone is so different?” According to the speakers it all starts with finding the true heart of your brand. You have to dig into the original insight—the small kernel of an idea—that helped form your company and build off of that. Begin by remembering why people fell in love with you in the first place.

To help brands further understand what that means, Margi and Ryan offered 10 key tips to rekindling that loving feeling.

  1. Get to Know Each Other — Study any available insight, segment your audience accordingly and understand the goals they want to achieve with your brand.
  2. Don’t Just Run — Map all of the journeys your brand has already taken, rank their priorities and optimize your future journeys to push further.
  3. Keep a One Track Mind — You must keep a singular focus on the goal at hand. Distractions only lead to delays in your achieving that goal.
  4. Be Yourself — In today’s world, people seek out personality over products. So, always remember to reflect your brand’s uniqueness and own it.
  5. Always Be There — You must ensure your excellence is accessible and reliable at all times. Never promise the moon, unless you plan on showing up for launch.
  6. Make an Effort — Allow your plans to be fluid and engage your customers. Their feedback or actions may alter your course and that’s OK.
  7. Be More Than a Pretty Face — Read the signals your audience is giving off and be considerate of their opinions, even if they differ from the brands.
  8. Be a Soul Mate — Don’t be afraid to ask the awkward questions and always strive to be building brand advocates at every level of engagement.
  9. Keep Talking — Never let the conversation die down, but at the same time, always know when to zip it.
  10. Live the Dream — Be logical in your approach to engagement; track, measure the repeat.

Needless to say, it was a very insightful lecture from beginning to end. Ryan was even kind enough to recommend a bit of inspirational reading to the audience. He mentioned that a big part of his knowledge began with the book Fish!, which is actually based on the practices of the Pike Place Fish Market. I know I’ll be picking it up and hope you will too.


Steve Taylor is working with Seattle Wunderman as part of his Great Agency Adventure of 14 agencies in 14 months. He is an award-winning copywriter/creative from Cleveland, OH.


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